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NEWEST VIDEO Shim Sham Fun Dance 04/05/2020

Video 1. Introduction: for “Newbies”  CLICK HERE (Slosh Warm Up)

Video 2. Dance Along with Me CLICK HERE (The Slosh)

Video 3. Introduction: (Stroll warm up) CLICK HERE for Swing Dance

Video 4. Dance Along with me CLICK HERE (The Stroll)

Video 5. Latin Hip Warm Up & Basic (CLICK HERE Chacha)

Video 6. Learn the Mambo basics CLICK HERE

Video 7. Beginners Slow Waltz  CLICK HERE

Video 8. Fun Dance to Locomotion Song   CLICK HERE   05/04/2020

Video 9. East Coast Swing routine with Mary & Mike  CLICK HERE  10/04/2020

Video 10. PART 2 of East Coast Swing Routine CLICK HERE  11/04/2020

Video 11. Lindyhop Video 1 with Mary & Mike  CLICK HERE  12/04/2020

Video 12. Lindyhop Video 2 Basic Steps   CLICK HERE  12/04/2020

Video 13. REQUEST for Full Jive Video CLICK HERE 18/04/2020

Video 14. (Uptown Funk ‘FUN’ Line Dance) CLICK HERE21/04/2020

Video 15. Latest ‘FUN’ Dance along with me  (CLICK HERE) 26/04/2020



Social Jive CLICK HERE

Stroll, Tush Push  CLICK HERE

East Coast Demo CLICK HERE

Wedding Couple  CLICK HERE

Couple Quickstep CLICK HERE

Couple  Foxtrot CLICK HERE

Slosh Warm Up  CLICK HERE

Quickstep Mans Steps CLICK HERE