Bridget Harte A.I.B.B.D.

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Social Jive CLICK HERE

Stroll, Tush Push  CLICK HERE

East Coast Demo CLICK HERE

Wedding Couple  CLICK HERE

Couple Quickstep CLICK HERE

Couple  Foxtrot CLICK HERE

Slosh Warm Up  CLICK HERE

Quickstep Mans Steps CLICK HERE

Quickstep Lady Steps CLICK HERE


Introduction: for “Newbies”  (Slosh Warm Up)

Dance Along with Me (The Slosh)

Introduction: (Stroll warm up) for Swing Dance

Dance Along with me (The Stroll)

Latin Hip Warm Up & Basic (Chacha)

Learn the Mambo basics

Beginners Slow Waltz  ....RE:EDITED

Fun Dance Routine to Locomotion Song  CLICK HERE  Uploaded 05/04/2020